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Learning made simple for everyone

An online course delivery platform that enables tutors, trainers, and training institutes to create and sell their courses online.


UX, UI, Branding


12 weeks




With a rapidly expanding user base, Mykademy needed to maintain its growth trajectory by attracting new customers. However, the current model was lacking in both aesthetics and functionality.

Taking on the challenge of redesigning a digital product with a million-user base is a significant responsibility. With this in mind, I redefined the product to improve conversion rates and establish a greater level of trust with existing customers.

What I did

  • Redefined the admin app experience

  • Built a design system

  • Digital branding

  • Site redesign

3 Big takeaways 

  1.   Focusing on the most important customer needs

  2.   A unifying design system

  3.   Digital-first rebranding

Focusing on the most important customer needs 


The current Mykademy admin app lacks consistency in its design. The initial objective was to establish a consistent layout for the app.

Image – 6.png

I divided the layout into three distinct sections for navigation, information, and actions. I carefully considered various layouts and navigation concepts before finalizing the new design. The app is built with a scalable design system that accommodates all devices. The overall product features a pleasing color scheme for a relaxing user experience.

Image – 4.png
Image – 2 (2).png
Image – 5.png

A unifying
design system


The purpose of the design system was to ensure consistency across all flows and devices. The components were created and stored in a React library, with the understanding that they will continually evolve over time. The design system is treated as a dynamic product, with components being added or removed strategically to maintain universal brand alignment.

Image – 12.png
Image – 7.png



The process of creating a brand for Mykademy was challenging, but I was able to overcome it by working closely with the marketing and sales team. By gathering data from them, I was able to finalize the theme and style for the website.

Image – 8.png
Image – 9.png

Just an email away

Feel free to contact me for illustrations, product design, mentoring, or to know about Rajnikanth!! ✨ 😁

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