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Seamless coffee experience redesigned

Interface has been redesigned and features have been improved to enhance user engagement, making ordering easier than ever before.




2 weeks



Image – 39.png


The Starbucks mobile app was facing a low user engagement rate due to its outdated design and limited functionality. Customers were not using the app as frequently as the company would have liked, leading to a decrease in customer loyalty and brand engagement.

What I did

  • Redefined the app experience

  • Interface design


The most significant change made to the app was the introduction of a social feed. The social feed allowed users to post their experiences and moments at Starbucks, creating a sense of community among users. This feature encouraged users to engage more with the brand and share their experiences with their friends and family. The new design was not only visually appealing but also provided a seamless experience for users.

Image – 32.png
Image – 37.png
Image 006.png
Image – 40.png
Image – 33.png
Image – 34.png
Image – 41.png
Image – 42.png
Image – 36.png
Image – 43.png

Just an email away

Feel free to contact me for illustrations, product design, mentoring, or to know about Rajnikanth!! ✨ 😁

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