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Take ownership of your money

Control your financial life with mPay. Empowering you to manage money better by saving more, spending less, and providing a complete view of your finances.




2 weeks



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The problem that users face is managing multiple subscriptions for various services. Individuals have to keep track of payment due dates, payment amounts, and payment methods for different subscriptions, leading to confusion and missed payments. This issue often leads to late payment fees, which can significantly impact the user's finances.

What I did

  • UI UX design

  • Digital branding

  • Iconography


Introduced a feature that enables users to manage all subscriptions in one place. The feature allows users to link their bank account to their subscriptions and tracks the payment schedule, payment amount, and payment method for each subscription.

Image – 24.png
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Image – 26.png
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Just an email away

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